There are some strange and terrible places on the earth.

There is nothing in this world surrounded by seas, hills, forests and sky. There are some things that appear to be
exciting, amazing and weird. Again there are some things that look good. Today we will know about some terrible
places on the earth.

Killer lake:

The lake or water bodies play a big role to beautify the beautiful world. Many people choose to stay in a lonely
place. However, there is a lake in Cameroon that can not die away if you leave it within 23 miles. Locally, this
lake is called ‘Killer Lake’. But its real name is NYOS. In 1986, the bubble of carbon dioxide started to emerge
from this lake. This carbon-dioxide goes into the atmosphere mixed with
sulfur and hydrogen. At that time, under the influence of this gas, about 1,700 people and 3,500 cattle died in a
short span of time. Those who survived had to suffer from long-term painful side effects such as wounds, tissue
burns and respiratory illness. Since then, this lake has become the name of ‘killer lake. The reason being this
is, It is located on the side of a dead volcanic eruption. Although the water flows over it, it is full of gains and
carbon dioxide gas emits from it. This part of the mountain is located in the Oak mountains, in the northwestern
part of Cameroon.

Champagne Lake:

After hearing the name, you can think that this lake is probably champagne from the water. Not really. Although this lake
does not have champagne from the water, the type of carbon dioxide bubbles from the water of this lake comes out
as soon as the champagne bottle is opened, after which the champagne comes out from the bubbles. That is why it is
called champagne lake. Located in New Zealand’s Wai-O-Tapu. The Wai-O-Tapu area is located in Ruturua. Translation
from Maurya language is known to be Wai-O-Tapu, meaning holy water or colorful water, and Ruturuda means the
Kahumatamami, which was Lord Maroi’s uncle who discovered this region. The whole rutura area is made up of
strongly-active volcanoes, water and steam and many other strange natural features and is complete.

Lake Arrah:

Beer Lake Arrow coming after champagne. This lake is located in Alaska. And the more people are meant to play the game of the
sky-lakes sky-colored lights. It is also called Northan Light. Beer Lake is another wonder of nature. There
are many folklore with this colorful game in the sky. Its history is thousand years old. From ancient folklore,
it is known that this inspiring beautiful light sparked the romance of created, the god of romance sunrise Aurora.
But the scientists believe that this mysterious light originates when the earth’s magnetic field collides with the wind.

Hell’s door:

This terrible place is located beside the village of Darwaza in the Kara-Kur desert in Turkmenistan. A Soviet company
in 1971, then excavated in search of gas fields. Then it was a huge explosion. The gas field closes. Many people
die. And the creation is the big hole filled with huge fire. And from this huge hole continuously emitted methane
gas and fire from it. The heat of this fire is so much that it can not stand beyond 2 minutes. And since then the
name of the place is ‘Hell’s door’

Receptor Playa:

This place, located in the Valley of California in the US state of California, is a mystery to the Americans. The
most mysterious thing about this place is that the roaming stones on its chest. Nobody could make any kulkinara of
how these stones came out. The reason for this voyage is called air flow. During the winter when there is
heavy rainfall in the desert, the racetrack playa is very slippery. Then, due to strong wind flow, the stones shift
from one place to another.

Wadi Jinn:

In 2009-2010, the Saudi government plans to build a road with Wadi Jinn. But after working up to thirty kilometers,
the problem started. Suddenly, the working machinery is slowly moving towards Madina city automatically. Someone is
sending the equipment to Medina. But who is sending someone who can not be seen. Large roller cars were closed for
pitch casting, but slowly started moving upwards and Madina started running itself towards the city. It is heard
that Pepsi bottles were filled with bottles of water and the water that had been thrown in the street started going
towards Medina instead of going downstairs. Workers are afraid of seeing all these workers. They refuse to work.
The huge black black hills around the streets where the work is closed. It was arranged to reach the city of Madinah
on the same road after the round-trip. Saudi people do not want to easily go to this place. Wadi jinn place in the
Al-Bayda valley of Medina. The valley lies about 30 kilometers away to the northwest of the mosque.

Snake Island:

Brazil’s Snake Ireland Golden Lanshed, a species of terrible venom, has been ruled by the island for four million
30 thousand square meters of years. Locally present, there are five snakes found in every square meter area of ​​the
island. The Brazilian Navy has banned the movement of the islands.

White desert:


This white desert lies 45 kilometers north of the Farafra Oasis of Egypt.
Although it seems unrealistic to see the desert, it is real. Many years ago the Sahara Desert was submerged under

At that time, the ditch remained in a part of the Sahara Desert. These parts float on the water once the stove is
wet. This is the creation of this white desert from the clogged accumulation

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