These 6 exercises help you get a flat abdomen in a short time

A set of 6 exercises that give you the results you expect. Repeat daily these exercises that help you get a flat abdomen!
To shape your abdomen, you have to work muscles, but you have probably already found that by doing so you do not get rid of abdominal fat. Therefore, you also need to take care of your diet so you can consume fewer calories a day. Balanced nutrition in combination with workouts that target the abdominal area will give you the results you expect.
To know exactly what exercises can help you get rid of your stomach and have a flat abdomen, here is a set you can rely on:

Exercise no. 1

The starting position is stretched out on the back, the knees bent and the feet anchored well on the ground.

The hands can be held on the chest or behind the neck, and the look must always be held in the ceiling. If you look ahead you will put pressure on your throat and you can choose with pain after training.

Once you’ve made sure that you follow the two steps, it bends the abdominal muscles and raises the trunk (preferably the shoulder blades) from the ground, then returns without leaving your head on the ground.

Repeats: 15 times

Sets: 3 times

Exercise no. 2

From the same starting position as the classical abdomen rises the truncheon and the lumbar area on the ground, and the hands to join the neck.

Rotate the trunk to the right and bring the knee straight to the chest. Change the side, turning the trunk to the left and bringing the left knee to the chest. For a higher degree of difficulty, the legs are bent without touching the ground as you rotate.

Repeats: 15

Sets: 3 

Exercise no. 3

From the position lying on the back, the legs rise to 90 degrees, and the arms rise above the head and hold together or snap a thug.

Fit the abdomen, move the legs up into the “V” in the air, lift the trunk from the ground and keep your hands together between the legs. It returns to the starting position and the movement is repaired.

Repeats: 15

Sets: 3 

Exercise no. 4

From the stretched out position, the legs rise and cross. Hands cling to his head.

If you are a beginner, keep your feet in the air while doing your abdomen.

If you want the exercise to be more difficult, raise your legs and trunk at the same time. At the end of the first set, walk slowly to the ground, but do not let them touch the mattress. Keep and return to the starting position.

Repeats: 15

Sets: 3 

Exercise no. 5

The forefoot works very hard on the abdomen, provided it keeps it strained throughout the exercise. Do not forget to bend your legs and muscles. Keep the pad for five full breaths.

If you want the exercise to be more difficult, you can alternately lift your arms and lower your forearms, while keeping your body perfectly tightened without balancing it on one side and the other.

Repeats: 10

Sets: 3

Exercise no. 6

From the position on the left, he places his legs one over the other, places the left elbow in line with his left shoulder, bends the abdomen and raises the back of the ground, keeping his body straight in the side plate.

Maintains the posture five compressed breaths, descends to the ground and marks the execite for each side.

Repeats: 10

Sets: 3 for each side 



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