Things less known about the Palace of Parliament, the largest building in Europe


The Palace of Parliament is an important tourist destination for anyone coming to Romania , but also for Romanians. There are many less known things about this stunning construction that is in many tops due to some features it has.

  • It is the second largest building on the surface, the most expensive administrative building, but also the world’s toughest building. It measures 270 meters long and 240 meters wide, 86 meters high and 92 meters deep. All these, on an area of ​​66,000 m².
  • It has 9 levels on the surface and another 9 underground.
  • The building exceeds by 2% the volume of the pyramid of Keops in Egypt.
  • To build it, it was necessary to demolish a whole Bucharest neighborhood, named at that time Uranus. 40,000 buildings have been demolished, including churches, state institutions, and significant historical buildings. The 57,000 families that lived there at that time were relocated.
  • The building has 7,000 rooms.
  • On site, in order to be able to carry out this megalomania project, they worked between 20,000 and 100,000 workers, sometimes even in 3 exchanges.
  • More than 150 architects worked on the design of the building.
  • In the Palace of Parliament there is also the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania, but the two institutions do not communicate, can not pass from one to the other.
  • In 2001, the backdrop for a religious and controversial film about the way he treats a more sensitive historical event was filmed in the famous building. Parliament Palace plays the role of the Vatican in the film.
  • Like any old building around which many legends and controversies were born, and the Palace of Parliament is said to have been haunted. From the testimonies of the night watchmen in the palace we find that sometimes we hear inhuman whistles or the alarms are actively activated, but also many other things very hard to believe.
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