This could be envied by so many people: Paradise life for animals

Being an animal is not always easy, but many people could envy what you see below.

California company Beverly Dog Spa provides truly royal services for pets. Here, caring owners can give their dogs a full day of complete relaxation, which includes aromatherapy, peeling, wrapping, as well as a visit to the Jacuzzi.

Giraffe named Thorn, who lives in one of the zoos in England, also did not escape the human care. Every day he is given a pedicure, he was given such a procedure for quite serious reasons. Giraffe’s hooves require regular grinding, otherwise his health will be under threat.

A resident of Florida, Audrey Ricci can rightfully be called the proud “mother” of two monkeys. She treats her pets as if they are her real children-she bathes, clothes, feeds, and even allows them to watch cartoons.

“Doga” is a kind of yoga, the difference is that both owners and their pets participate in it. Happy animals are provided with services such as massage, meditation and stretching.

The new universal interest of the Chinese is the coloring of their pets with the most common hair dye in tigers, pandas and other representatives of the wild world.

Florida Pet Airways is a unique airline specializing in providing transportation services for pets from one city to another in the first class.

Employees of the zoo, located in the county of Devon, England, found that their pets are extremely positively affected by certain flavors. Now there are regular sessions of aromatherapy, in which take part lioness, tapir, as well as many monkeys.

Another squeak of fashion – strollers for animals. Why walk when you can ride with the breeze?

An Englishwoman Louise Harris has spent over $ 160,000 over the past three years on her three Yorkshire terriers. She daily leads them to massage, dresses in costumes decorated with precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and also gives them thousands of dollars as gifts for Christmas.

The Good Food Cookbook For Dogs is a real cookbook designed for dog owners. It lists a number of recipes for dishes, which are guaranteed to please your pets.

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