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Pamela Went To Malhotra And Her Husband Anil Malhotra, The Only Private Wildlife Sanctuary In India, The Owner Of ‘Save Wild Institutional’ (Save Animal Initiative). Since Its Inception In 1991, They Have Been Re-Planting And Rejuvenating Wildlife In The Forest. At Present, The SAI Sanctuary Spreads 300 Acres Of Acacia, Which Is Home To Over 200 Species Of Endangered Species Of Plants, Including Wildlife, Asian Elephants, And Bengal Tigers.

Pamela In The Great Big Story Said That ‘When We First Came Here, Most Of The Land That Was Sold To Us Was Abandoned Land’. Where There Was No Possibility Of Cultivating Anything In Coffee, Paddy Fields, Cardamom Or Agricultural Work. Most Of The Area Was Demolished. ‘ So They Bought This Uncultivated Land At The Foot Of The Brahmagiri On The Banks Of The Western Ghats And Built A Private Sanctuary On That Land.In

The Part Of The Kodagu District Of India, The Forest Cover Has Decreased Dramatically – From 86% In 1970 To Now 16%. Pamela Explains That The Impact Of The Disruption Of The Rainfall And Water Supply In This Region Will Affect Not Only This District But Across India As Well.This Couple Is Coming Back Together With The Environment So That Forests Can Provide Shelter To Wild Animals And Ensure That The Wild Animals Can Keep The Sanctuary Beautiful With Nature. Pamela Said, “When We Walk Through The Sanctuary, We Both Are Very Happy. I Never Felt This Kind Of Pleasure Before I Did Everything In My Life. ‘

Large Forests Were Being Depleted In Kodagu District Of South India.

But Pamela Went To Malhotra And Her Husband Anil Malhotra Decided To Fight For Nature Preservation.

So They Established The Sai Sanctuary In 1991.

Since Then They Have Planted The Plant Again And The Sanctuary Has Expanded. Currently, Wildlife Is Spreading Over 300 Acres Of Land.

This Area Is Currently Home To More Than 200 World-Class Endangered Species Of Asian Elephants.

“When We First Came Here, The Land We Were Selling Was Abandoned”. Pamela Speaking Words

‘Paddy Field, Coffee And Caterpillar Fields Were Abandoned’ – Pamela

‘It Takes A Lot Of Care, Strength And Time To Bring This Present Form Back’.

‘I Remember, Before Walking Through This Forest, I Could Not Hear Anything Except The Sound Of My Own Feet’ – Pamela

At Present, This Place Is Becoming Alive With The Combination Of Different Words.

Pamela Hopes That This Forest Will Be Protected And Further Expanded.

When We Walk Through The Sanctuary, We Both Feel Happy – Said Pamela.

‘I Never Felt This Kind Of Pleasure In My Life’ – Pamela

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