This guy continues to amuse the entire Internet with budget cosplay, and you need to see this

A guy named Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, who is recognized in the web as the god of budget cosplay. The guy continues to please his fans, laying out new works and amazing everyone with an unconventional and, most importantly, economical approach to reincarnation.

New works by the cos-player have already conquered the Internet, and we gathered for you the funniest in this collection:

1. How to you such a cosplay on the Black Queen?

2. In a budgetary cos measurement, all improvised means are good!

3. Eric Killmonger on the minimals

4. It’s brilliant!

5. Did the guy have Ogurchik Rick?

6. To create even the most complex cosplay requires only savvy!

7. The light-saber in two seconds!

8. Non-standard approach in action!

9. “Did not you call Gina?”

10. 👏👏👏

11. When cosplay scares more than the original …

12. The heroine Kate Winslet was luckier than all 😃

13. Zakospleit film “Jaws” at home is not so easy, but the guy coped!

14. Thanos, are you this?

15. Do not distinguish from the original!😃

Bonus:What are the forms!😏😏😏


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