“Upside-down bikini” is the new trend that will dominate

If you thought the fashion that will dominate swimwear this summer is brazily you are wrong.

The company  Cantik  from Australia published the photo of a model wearing upside down the upper part of the swimsuit, while asking followers if you wore such a costume.

Unlike the traditional triangle, this swimsuit has a huge hole in the chest and highlights the neckline.

The trick is that you can create this “upside-down style” with any swimsuit you have in your wardrobe.

It is believed that this style was invented by Valentina Fradegrada, a model from Italy.

Any woman who wants to try it should simply tie a knot over the chest with the straps to the swimsuit.

Some internet users have indicated that this style gives the feeling that it is like a direct breast surgery.

Others have once again described it as the most stupid thing they’ve ever seen.


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