Users of the network shared photos that deceived them and forced them to strain their brains

Sometimes you want to make an ordinary unremarkable photograph, but something strange turns out. For example, in a group picture, the legs mingled so that it is now difficult to tell who they belong to, or the cat jumped at the time of shooting and turned into a ghost. Users of Reddit share photos that deceived them and made them poke their brains. We suggest you take a look at these unusual pictures.

1. Nothing unusual, just a levitating cat

2. Two persons have merged together

3. Jesus?

4. A story about how to topple the horizon as much as possible and break people’s brains

5. These legs are crazy

6. The soaring island

7. The dispenser cracked, and soap out of it, but it seems like it’s a cool design

8. When there is no place, but the skyscraper must be built

9. The girl just kicks the stones lying behind. What did you think?

10. And ghost cats are very cute

11. It seems that the designer of these plates decided to break our brain a little

12. “As a child, I had very big hands”

13. The girl? There’s no girl here

14. When the child turns into a backpack

15. “Aaaaa, I’m turning into a horse”

16. One does not immediately understand who is who

17. Exchange with my dad? Yes Easy!

18. With this girl it’s better not to argue

19. Hands, legs, all mixed up

20. Do you think that this is a view from an airplane to a beautiful island? And this is just a slime in my pond

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