Victims of fashion for low-wasted jeans or Men who wear thongs

Everyone knows that such men are too attentive to their appearance and are selective about what they wear. Some of them even prefer to wear a tang. And the fashion for a low waist often gives out lovers of panties, which were originally intended for women.

A cheerful selection of photos of men who prefer thongs 🙂

1. Some of them do not even disdain pink color!

2. Like the wings of a seagull!

3. Uuuups …

4. Directly Lolita some!

5. Fashion on the leopard will never pass!

6. If he had not leaned so low, no one would have noticed

7. Great!

7. Great!

9. Oh, this lace! Always unleashed!

10. Too frank …

11. Someone even earns on this!

12. Incredible, but true!

13. Tanga version of white slipper-panties.

14. Even policemen wear such that they can not be seen from under their trousers!

15. Picking up a new thing;)

16. What can you say ?!

17. Cute maniac

17. Again Thongs

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