What did this dog do in the Engagement Pictures of His Owner

When Megan Determen and Chris Kluthe decided to log in, they thought it would be nice to have some pictures that always reminded them of that moment. Instead, Louie, Dachshund’s Megan’s dog, had other plans for them and turned the photo session into a real show, taking the lead in all the pictures.

The one who cast the couple, photographer Karin Berdal said, “Megan and Chris mentioned that Louie likes to play among the leaves, but I did not think he liked it so much. I was thinking that Louie would be playing in the background, but he just got in front of Chris. ”

“It does not seem like this is the first time that Louie flashes in front of Chris at a picture. Megan begins to think that Louie is jealous haha. ”

Article Source: dnkphotography.com | Facebook

#1 Under The Leaf 

#During Kiss

#i Am So happy

#Time to Dance




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