When your husband is a humorist or 11 original gifts for wives

We all perfectly understand that many people like holidays because of gifts. On this day, you can get the most unexpected presents, which you could only dream of.

But even in this business, it does not do without humor, especially when it comes to giving presents to dear wives and beloved girls. Presenting to your attention the original solutions, resourceful men.

Such an image on the car beloved, will be able to limit attention from the opposite sex

Roses soon wilted, but carrots for soup come in handy and for the body will be useful

When the money was enough only for the box and ladle

There’s nothing better than pants with your favorite actor

A universal remedy for cockroaches, flies, cats and a drunk guy

If you no longer have to choose from, it’s worth exhibiting a bit of creativity

The most ordinary mug can become a favorite, thanks to the original rhyme on it

Why new monster beats are needed, when you can listen to the sounds of beets or use it for their intended purpose

A great way to ditch the hostess is still unprepared meals

Apple products go to a new level

A great way to make it clear that the long-awaited photo session is just around the corner

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