Why do I need a tiny pocket on my jeans?

Everyone knows that there is a tiny pocket on jeans, but few people wondered why it might be needed. Interestingly, initially it was a place for storing watches.

We use by purpose

At one of the forums in discussing this topic it was indicated – in the 1800s the cowboys used a pocket for the clock. The representative of one of the most famous manufacturers of jeans – Levi Strauss – confirmed this in his blog.

Karmashok appeared in 1873, in jeans Levi’s and was intended for pocket watches. In the catalogs of Levi’s, it is still called “watch pocket”. There are even certain standards in this company: how it should be, what size, what materials, etc.

And although most of us do not put their watches in their jeans, this does not mean that the pocket becomes useless. Levi Strauss allows: it can perform various functions, including a container for condoms or coins, matches or tickets.

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