Why the bear is a freak (Swedish story)

Years and years ago, in a frosty winter, no creature could stand, they were waiting for anything but warm weather.

But that cold winter did not even go away … And the animals, around the fire, began to advise what to do. They came to the conclusion that somebody had hidden it somewhere away, away, rejoicing alone, while the other animals would freeze from the cold. And all the animals decided to go looking for the summer.

In a far, far away, a black bear lived, and as far as they were, the bear had stolen the summer and kept it only for him. He went over the seas and lands, and here were the poor animals that had arrived in the land of the black and giant bear, who had raided the summer in a bag. They went straight to him, but the bear was not at home, for he had gone to hunt with the boat along the water. Then the squirrel told the rat:
“While the bear hunts, you run to the boat and make the oars; Meanwhile, we roam everywhere until we give it up to the bag where it hung in the summer; and he will not find us anymore, because he will not have the rowing hell to drive the boat and get home at home.

The mouse went into a soul to smash the oars, proud that he could give such help to his wives. And as you blinked, both oars were roasted so that from the first strike in the water, four would be made out of two. Meanwhile, the animals still screaming everywhere, through the black bear’s obscure mysteries, and the sack where it was shut in the summer.

Ending the bear with the game, he returned to the boat; but when they gave water to one side, the two oars were broken. Go down again into the woods to make others, but at the same time, the animals, happy, were running the wind to take the summer back home.

When the bear came to his bay, they were far-flung; and where they passed, the summer warmed all the living creatures in the way, staying home and almost frozen by the cold, for the squirrel, careless, opened the mouth of the bag.

Only in the bed of the black bear was no longer warm. As he had returned, dihania realized that someone had stolen her in the summer, for now everything was cold like ice. He was left scratched and mourned for the rest of his life. And his marshals also remained marshmallows who did not have much friends with other animals, and even people always gave him an example of loneliness and posac.


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