Wonderful discovery of science

Most researches and the results of the scientists are quite serious. But sometimes many discoveries are so weird that the scientists themselves are surprised.

Cockroach to save lives:
The cockroach that causes fear of many people, that cockroach can save valuable life. Scientists have developed Remote Controlled Cyborg
Kokroch using living cockroach. These cybercrombie work will be done to find people injured in natural disaster prone areas such as earthquakes.

Bridge to Nohour:
The presence of Dark Matter is found only by its gravitational power. The presence of two galaxies away from Earth, 270 million light years away,
is a dark matter bridge on the charcoal. Several years ago the presence of the Subaru Telescope Dark Matter Bridge in Hawaii was detected, but no one took it during
the period. But scientists have now thoroughly researched the existence of the mysterious Dark Matter. Where Dark Matter is present, there are several galaxies tied.

Maggots :
The body of a man or a dog who is dead can be known from the dead body. A corpse discovered in the Mexican police department was so much burned in the fire that it
was not possible to determine the identity of the body in any way. Scientists have set up several pigs in the corpse. Later, scientists were able to determine the
person’s identity from DNA of the bodies found in those piglets.

Baby Crimes Fighter:
Local shopkeepers hanging small children’s pictures in front of the store to prevent loot in London’s crime-prone area of ​​Graysand. Their hope is to see the picture
of the kids, theft will go away from the robbery and the criminals will return home. This move of local shopkeepers is baseless, but not so. In one study, scientists
discovered that the sweet face of the children introduced the part of the human brain.

New human species:
In addition to ninternal and habitats, there was another human species that existed on the earth as well as modern humans. Scientists have discovered a new type of
skeleton in the name of red die cat People, in south-western China. These people were weird in existence 11 thousand years ago, at the end of the ice age

Fossil Forest:
The unexpected outcome of the rise in global warming is called it. Under the thick ice of the Arctic region, the ancient forest is buried under the fossils. With
the rise of warmth, the Arctic ice melts that can return to its place, the old forest of 2.5 million years

Blue-green honey:
Suddenly, the bees started to create blue and green honey, and the French honeycomers started to make a lot of bees. The reason for the creation of this colorful
honey was more weird, the bees addicted to chocolate! Apart from collecting the extract of flowers, the bees started collecting chocolate and bio-gas plant waste
from sugar. The result of which, colorful honey

Baby cells in the mother’s brain:
The most surprising of the discovery of the scientists is that the presence of the baby’s cells in the mother’s brain. The cells of the womb have been left in the
brain for more than a decade after the birth of the baby. Even the 94-year-old dead woman found the presence of her child’s cell in the brain, scientists said.
Although scientists are not convinced about the cells that have long been in the mother’s brain, scientists believe that cells repair their mother’s tissues in

The breeding of the worm through the DNA :
Bidiloid Rotiffer, a special type of worm called breed by reproduction without the reproduction of inheritor and carrier DNA transmissions. Examples of animal life
are very simple. Due to sexual promiscuity, there is resistance to genetic diversity, as well as the prevention of harmful gene. But without any sexual activity,
it has survived for more than eight crore years. Bidiloid rotifera worm is a species of worms. There is no earthquake in men of this species, but it is all wife’s
sex. As a food they have different fungus and bacteria. Fungus and bacteria mixed with DNA in their own genetic code. Scientists believe that the antioxidant DNA
survival is due to the rotifera worm.

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